Pot Luck #7


Organsised by Accidental Collective

New Commission by Marcia Farquhar

Performers: Peter Morton, Amy Godfrey, Amelia Beavis-Harrison, pestiferous, Lucille Teppa


Saturday 23 March 2013, 7pm

Tickets £6/5 - on sale from March 11


Pot Luck is an artist-led and award-winning platform dedicated to supporting performance-makers in Kent, showcasing and developing their work, building bridges between artists and new audiences, and inviting artists from outside the region.

Every Pot Luck event is different and has its own unique flavour. Rather than being based in one place, it moves from venue to venue. Pot Luck welcomes a great variety of work, from theatre to dance, from cabaret to live art.

Pot Luck #7 will take place at LIMBO and Marine Studios in Margate. 




Mollusc – Marcia Farquhar

For Mollusc Marcia Farquhar will be accompanied by the shell gazing sounds of the Mussel Men, the latest in a long line of bands she has formed for one-night-only, featuring: Ansuman Biswas on conches, Jem Finer on harp and xylophone, Sam Willan on toy piano, Marcia and the Mussel Men will be accompanied by the song and dance of Kitty Finer and Jane Howard.


Drifting between the existential, the metaphorical and the pataphysical Mollusc will include music, action painting, demonstrations and transformations, and the opportunity to sing-along to a Kent classic with (dis)gusto. This piece is a Pot Luck commission and has been created specifically in response to Margate and its Shell Grotto.


Tessitura – Lucille Tieppa
Tessitura, 'weaving' in English, is a quirky and odd dance. Its frenzied and dense quality results from a musical composition of movement closely related to Italian pianist Stefano Bollani's cover of Angel Villoldo's tango 'El Choclo' (1903). Brief and elusive, Tessitura is an ephemeral signature which, in a single passing, vanishes as it is being performed. Bringing emphasis on its process over its result, Tessitura is a self-erasing procedure, an event from which nothing remains


LIVE-SIZE Me – Peter Morton
This piece is born out of a project in which Peter lived to weeks padlocked to a life-size puppet of himself for 24hours a day; this finished on 20/03/13. We manipulate objects to surpass our physical limitations, living for and through a material world that shapes our existence. How does the object I have made fit into this world?


Trading>Taking>Theft – Amelia Beavis-Harrison
Human hair is a global trade sold and bought for wigs and extensions, with increasing popularity in Western culture. Although a legitimate trade illegal and unethical trading infiltrates the market, making hair a valuable commodity. The performance opens up the debate of sourcing ethical hair by opening a trading process. The commodity is present, providing opportunity for exchange.


The Nerdy Birdies – pestiferous
"Silence is a birders best friend and patience is his bedfellow." The Nerdy Birdies are a group of birdwatchers so taken with the flights of their fancy they become a flock themselves. Tonight a smaller flock will test a few ideas pestiferous be expanding on whilst creating this walkabout street theatre piece.


Ms Beeton Presents... – Amy Godfrey
Ladies, feminism has brought us this far and now it falls to us to employ our buns and baps in the fight against sexual objectification! Bake your way to freedom! Beat and cream your way to equality! Take up your wooden spoon and poke the patriarchy right in the eye - watch out for flying cake mix...


Doors at 7.00pm and a 7.30pm start.

Tickets will be available online in advance only (due to restricted audience capacity). There will be no tickets on the door. £6/5 (conc.)


More information available and tickets from Accidental Collective's Website


Supported by Kent County Council and Grants for the Arts


Image © stvcr


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