Close to Darkness


Edda Jones and Russell Burden

21- 24 June 2012


Open daily from 3 – 8 pm

Private View: 21st June 2012 at 6pm



"Light is the secret being of things and entities. The essential matter of things is light. But the essential matter, the spiritual matrix of all that appears, is not the matter that appears to us.

"The matter that appears to us is fallen light: the corpse of the light. It is the stratification of fallen light.

"Therefore, matter is darkness, the darkness dominated everywhere – except in the human soul – by the light. In matter, light encounters the levels of its fall. At each point, it gives itself us and extinguishes itself – in order to resurrect what fell.

Massimo Scaligero, “La Luce” (The Light), Lindisfarne Books, 2001


Inspired by the writings of esotericist Massimo Scaligero, Close to Darkness is a collaborative exploration of duality and polarity – ranging from the interface between lightness & darkness and positive & negative to the realm of the seen & unseen and the heard & unheard.


Working in the mediums of photography and sound, Edda Jones and Russell Burden create a sensory experience in a darkened space. Visitors enter in near total darkness to be enveloped in a cloud of sound. The natural sharpening of the senses then help them to slowly discover the faintly glowing still images on the walls – which will become fully revealed as eyes grow accustomed to the darkness.


The work draws parallels between the photographic process and that of retinal translation, and considers abstraction both as a matter of magnitude and as the product of time and place.


Edda Jones lives and works in Dover, Kent. She has worked in the medium of analogue photography since 2006 and explores the abstraction that emerges in intimate closeness to the object – objects not tampered with, set in their given surroundings and photographed under the given light conditions at the moment they are found. More information here.

Russell Burden lives and works in Sandgate, Kent. Working artistically with photographic processes since 1976 and more recently in sound and film, Burden is fascinated with the hidden processes that underpin the natural world and the effect they have on our individual and social consciousness.  His work seeks to examine the 'nature of nature', expose the level of porosity between our inner and outer lives, and place us us at once at a particular point of observation and within in the vastness of the Universe. More information here.

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