Ampersand | Weltausstellung | Citalopram| Neverest Songs A/V Set


Fri 1 June, 2012

7.30 - 11 pm

Tickets £5/£4.50 advance


LIMBO welcomes back Ampersand and Weltaussttellung for an evening of live improvisation and free noise. 

Presented in association with Our Band Could Be Your Life Promotions.

Advance tickets are available here


Formed in 2001, Ampersand meld improvisation with random noise. Featured sounds come from pianos' carcasses, fractured keyboards, shell casings, corrugated iron, acoustic metal sculptures, scaffold and brass pipes.

is an association of noise-makers, visual artists, improvisers and composers of the absurd based in Düsseldorf and Berlin (Germany).

Since 2003, they have wrung unsettled ideas from a wide range of sound-sources of their own invention, varying their approach in order to experiment with a range of methods and standards.

weltAusstellung's current show -schnitt- [English: cut] is a direct "just now" creation. A restless collage of miscellaneous and concrete noise, it is performed as an electro-acoustic-action with a physical and playful approach. It comprises three 'lunatic anti-compositions', which are interpreted differently at each show.

Neverest Songs will be performing an audio/visual set, marrying live instrumentation with algorithmic generative soundscapes and graphics.


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