Reid Dudley-Peirson


Beta –The Sounds of New Life

With special thanks to Hannah Dudley- Peirson

Curated by Danielle Gilbert

Preview and performance: Sat 5 Nov 2011, 18 00 - 21 00

Open: 5-10 November 2011

Sunday 18 00 - 21 00, Closed Monday, Tuesday 12 00 - 17 00, Wednesday 12 00 - 17 00, Thursday 10 00 - 16 00


Beta – The Sounds of New Life is a collaborative project between Reid and Hannah Dudley-Peirson which aims to explore the sonification of ‘new life’ through a multichannel audio installation. In sound art, the process of sonification involves ‘many different components that can be altered to change the user's perception of the sound, and in turn, their perception of the underlying information being portrayed.’1


Reid and Hannah have used this process to explore the initial stages of our biological development by experimenting with ultrasound equipment, new technologies and innovative computer software.


This exhibition will offer an interactive experience through aural and visual displays, where the viewer can expect to encounter human heartbeats as a compositional element in synchronisation with computer-generated sounds. The visual imagery will be based on a scientific and diagrammatic interpretation of this information. 


Reid Dudley-Peirson often works with computer software and new technologies, and for his first exhibition at Limbo, Reid will aim to enhance our understanding of and emotions relating to ‘new life’. 


A live performance will take place on Saturday 5 November at 19 00 at Limbo's Project Space to celebrate the opening of the show. All are welcome to attend.


Written by Danielle Gilbert 




1. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (29 September 2011). ‘Sonification’. Available: Last accessed 29 October 2011


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