Frog Morris


The Total Destruction of Margate

May 7, 2011

12 00 Margate Sea Monster Society Meet and Greet, Margate High Street

14 00 Sea Monsters Invade Margate Beach

16 00 Finale Presentation by Margate Sea Monster Society, Substation



Bizarre and terrible sea devils! Angered by Margate’s new tourist attraction, the gods of the watery underworld have risen-up once more to wreak vengeance on the town…


In the past they destroyed Margate’s pier and burned down Dreamland. This time their algae covered fingers point to Turner Contemporary.


Only The Professor, a genius - though perhaps mad - scientist has the power to stop them and make the sea monsters change their ways. But are his intentions entirely sound, or is his goal is even more sinister than theirs: THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF MARGATE??!


Frog Morris’ The Total Destruction of Margate is a series of performances and happenings taking place throughout the town that tries to explain the bad luck that has befallen Margate over recent years. The audience will witness the unfurling of this narrative at the locations specified below, while ‘guerilla performances’ taking place throughout the day will identify and make the case for and against Margate’s newest scapegoats.


Frog Morris celebrates those moments of British culture that leave us unsure whether to laugh or cry. His is a world of woodland animals, bar snacks, pub singers and low budget sci-fi. He has a history of producing work which derives from popular music hall and light entertainment traditions, whilst playing with and ultimately subverting audience expectations. The audience is usually left unsure about what to expect next from him…


Saturday May 7


Margate Sea Monster Society Meet and Greet on Margate High Street, 12 00

Sea Monsters Invade Margate, 14 00

Finale Presentation by Margate Sea Monster Society at Substation project space, 16 00


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