UFO Tours and Convention


Philip Yancey

Tour 2: May 14, 15 30.

(Starting at Margate Train Station, ending 16 00 at Substation)

Convention: May 15, 18 00, Substation


Tour 2


Philip Yancey has devised a second free guided walk through Margate that will amaze attendees with revelations regarding the true nature of flying saucers.


How? Why? Philip has the unique ability to see things that are occurring in other dimensions and spectral realms: As he describes, "I have been granted the power to see in 17D.This allows me to see and discover much more about visitors to our planet than anybody before or since (with the possible exception of the Biblical prophets)."


Is Arlington House a beacon for UFO activity? Do aliens really exist? Is Margate home to a number of clandestine terrestrial organisations investigating UFO phenomena? Are some of these organisations possibly evil? Philip says "YES!!", and to find out why please come and attend one of his UFO tours.


Philip used to write letters to the Ministry Of Defence detailing his findings and theories as they pertain to other worlds. However, as a result of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), his letters, amongst other UFO correspondence, were released into the public realm through the National Archive. Since the MOD has breached his trust, Philip has been searching for other ways to deal with his obsession and speak to 'the right people' about 'the message.'


UFO Convention




For the convention, UFO expert Philip Yancey has produced a short video documentary about his experiences with visitors from other worlds. Much like the tours that he gave during the programme, some might assert that the content of his video is of dubious veracity, but there is a degree of truth communicated by Philip and his apparent belief in his own fiction.


The mad scientist, Professor Quest ION will provide entertainment for both adults and children. He will be performing madcap experiments with volunteers as his guinea pigs.


The UFO convention is an opportunity to come and reflect on all of the events of the programme, and to discuss it with other visitors, the curators and some of the principle artists.


Dressing up as an alien is encouraged but not compulsory!


You can also print out and present the voucher above and exchange it for a free UFO-nut on the night.


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