Jessica Voorsanger



Weekends May 1-May 15 2011, 11 00 – 17 00, Substation


Jessica Voorsanger has turned part of the Substation into a TV stage-set reminiscent of the strange and often hostile planets visited by the Enterprise's crew in the original series of Gene Roddenberry's much-loved Star Trek. Visitors are invited to dress in detailed replica costumes of the famous Star Trek uniforms and act-out scenes which will be instantly recorded via a genuine replica 1960's TV studio camera and played back via monitors situated throughout the space.


Visit the Substation on weekends from May 1 to May 15 between 11 00 and 17 00 to take part.


Jessica Voorsanger creates interactive installations, objects, performances and events that reference pop and celebrity culture. She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, including performances at the Hayward and Serpentine Galleries.


In previous works Jessica has been concerned with a form of celebrity obsession. But with this new piece about 'Star Trek: The Original Series' she takes focus away from the celebrity actors and places it on the characters, cultural cache and feeling of universal ownership that the series bares.


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