Mark Aerial Waller


Superpower – Dakar Chapter + Music intervention from Moogie Wonderland

19 00,  April 30 2011, Substation


Shot in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, West Africa, Superpower - Dakar Chapter (2004) is a science-fiction documentary set amidst the aesthetic and cultural logic of an African Modernist cityscape. The film follows three astronomers, played by local TV soap stars, as they prepare for a futuristic event which is about to become real. An introductory passage to the film presents Jack Horknelmer from the internet show Star Gazers TV, who provides the insights into the constellation 'Orion the Hunter' and light travel, (key astronomic information underpinning the film). Stuart Comer, Curator at Tate Modern, London comments, 'By jamming multiple time streams and technical formats he stages elliptical psychological landscapes in which fantasy and documentary become almost interchangeable'.


For its showing as part of Art Lands On Alien Landscape, Waller has created a new ending for the piece that slowly morphs the viewers experience from one of viewing something to being part of a live music event. Mark has created a special playlist of songs that picks up upon the themes of the film, and these will be mixed and expanded upon with a DJ set by Kent based visual arts and music outfit Moogie Wonderland.


Mark Aerial Waller makes films and videos that reference cinema, both interpreting and interrupting its history. With recourse to technological and narrative mechanisms, Waller stretches, reiterates and at times perverts the mainstream vocabulary of structure and dramatic staging. He selects very particular cameras, stock, transfer processes and camera shots through which to approach narrative time-based work with a painterly, self-referential touch.


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