Bleeding Heart Narrative/Neverest Songs/Rough Comforts


October 15 2010, 8pm

Admission £3.50 on the door

Cheap bar 


Our Band Could Be Your Life presents a night of live music at the Substation, featuring the emotive soundscapes of Bleeding Heart Narrative, the minimal hymnal of Neverest Songs and the hushed drama of Rough Comforts:


Bleeding Heart Narrative |


The recorded work of Oliver Barrett writ large with the help of assorted friends and musicians:

"Layered cellos, pianos and all mixed together with a general eerie drone. It's dark and light....happy and sad..... incredibly emotive and one one of the most interesting records we've heard here in a long long time. It pricked up the collective office ears which is rare thing these days. Will appeal to fans of Hood, Stars of The Lid, early Constellation releases. This is seriously good."

- Norman Records 


Neverest Songs |


Returning to the Substation for the first time since the release of the Small Voyages album on Unlabel, the current incarnation of Neverest Songs marries singer Luke Twyman's soaring minor-key melodies and evocative nostalgia to a minimal Nyman-esque backing.

"I actually think it may be THE favourite album of mine so far this year. The best thing about this is that it's one of those rare albums that keeps getting better for each listen. I always discover something new when I listen to it." –


Rough Comforts |


A rare live outing for Rough Comforts (songwriter James Davies), whose grand symphonic vision seems matched only by his desire to render his music in the most delicate form.



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