Andy Warhol’s TV


October 2008


In 2006 Limbo founder Paul Hazelton found and bought Andy Warhol’s old Philco Predicta television set in a Margate second-hand shop called Style Counsel. A few months later Style Counsel closed, following a burglary.


For this project, LIMBO worked with Kate Jackson of Style Counsel to present Andy Warhol’s TV, a project that looked at Margate’s relationship with culture at a time when it was hoped that cultural improvements – led by the new Turner Contemporary arts centre – would help to reverse economic and social deprivation in the area.


There was no artwork in the show, in which Margate’s Substation Project Space was partially reconstructed as a hybrid of Style Counsel and a museum or gallery. Instead, second-hand objects were on display– some as they would have been in Style Counsel, others as objects might be presented in a museum or gallery. The television, which is no longer working, occuped an area behind this hybrid space, and was temporarily re-animated by a projection of Episode 3 of Andy Warhol’s TV, the artist’s cable television show from the 1980s.


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