Stink Bomb

Open Exhibition

May 2007


Jokes and art can put up as many barriers as they break down. Stink Bomb, which launched on 1 April (a day traditionally set aside for practical jokes, pranks and hoaxes) was a platform for artists interested in exploring humour in their work. With Stink Bomb, Limbo’s aim was to produce a show that would engage with the audiences’ sense of humour while acknowledging and exploring the way that jokes and art create the fear of being the butt of the joke or not ‘getting it’.


Margate, one of the great centres of British popular culture, leisure and humour, provided a setting for the show. One of our aims as an organisation is to connect with the culture of the area and for this show we worked with Margate’s old Joke Shop. We also worked with Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus and The Beano Café in Margate


Featuring the following artists : Andy Birtwistle, James Bradshaw, Jason Butler, John Butterworth, Stephen Coles, Alasdair Duncan, Paul Elliot, Hannah Franklin, Michael Goodey, Helen Grundy, Susannah Hewlett, Simon Kennedy, Emma Leach, Geoff Litchfield, Chris Poolman, Abigail Riddihough, Christopher Reinhardt, Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, Mark Selby, Twinkle Troughton, Ali Truter


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