Bedwyr Williams

The Return of the Dinghy King

February 27 2010


"After a childishly long sabbatical the Dinghy King returns with tales of his touristic cargo cult. The Bucket and Spade Shamen from Costa Geriatrica tells of drifter dentists and drop-out opticians and the freckled bums of the Manchester navy. Colwyn Bay – Margate. Same shit different smell or is it same smell different shit?" asks Mr Williams from North Wales.


This is the Dinghy Kings first outing to Margate where, instead of luring holiday-makers like he did when he last appeared in Colwyn Bay, he will become a day-tripper and for one day only you can day trip on his shamanistic rantings and ravings and, if you are lucky, he may even transport you momentarily to Colwyn Bay where he grew up with size 13 feet.


The character of 'The Dinghy King' is based on the phenomenon of the Cargo Cult, which developed primarily in remote parts of the Pacific region when tribal societies began to encounter technologically advanced cultures, resulting in effigies of planes and runways being built in an attempt to lure ancestral spirits, which they believed would bring wealth in the form of cargo. Dinghy King is therefore about waiting.Margate is also waiting; its residents not looking skywards but looking towards Turner.


Bedwyr Williams was born in St Asaph, North Wales in 1974. He graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Central St Martins School of Art in 1997 followed by an MA  from Ateliers, Arnhem. Williams returned to North Wales in 1997 and currently lives and works in Caernarfon. He is represented by STORE, London and in 2005, he represented Wales in the Venice Biennale with a project called ‘Basta’ Williams’ work involves stand-up comedy, sculpture and painting, posters and photography.


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